L. Lturb_flx-=-f and . Xfmout, XFMOUT(1,6) = 5400., XFMOUT(1,7) = 6300., XFMOUT(1,8) = 7200., XFMOUT(1,9) = 8100., XFMOUT(1,10) = 9000., XFMOUT(1,11) = 9900., XFMOUT(1,12) = 10800., XFMOUT(1,13) = 11700., XFMOUT(1,14) = 12600, ,1) = 900., XFMOUT(1,2) = 1800., XFMOUT(1,3) = 2700., XFMOUT(1,4) = 3600., XFMOUT(1,5) = 4500

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