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PHYLOG – Certifiability of multi and many-cores architectures

Project credentials

PHYLOG is a DGAC Project (2016 – 2020), the purpose of which is to prepare methods and tools for a computer-assisted framework to facilitate the certification of multi and many-core.

Project objectives

Certification activities consist in providing detailed documentation and justifications that explain why the development of a specific product is trustworthy and fulfills a given standard’s requirements. Such a comprehensive documentation not only contains the results, but also the input data, the hypotheses, the techniques applied, etc. This process is well covered by the current aeronautics practices. However, for the next generation of multi/many-core-based architectures, the means of compliance will evolve due to architecture specifics.

The objective of the project is to explore a model-based certification approach, to help both the applicant to answer the MCP-CRI requirements and the certification authority to assess the arguments provided by the applicant. This would help and simplify the certification of aeronautics systems, to cope with inflation of documentation, to improve the coverage of requirements, and to ease the use of formal methods as means of verification.

Project committees

The project is regularly assessed by two committees: an industrial (composed of Airbus, Airbus DS, Dassault, Safran, Thales, Zodiac, DGA-TA) and an academic (Polytechnico di Torino, Univ de Braunschweig, Ensta ParisTech, Univ of Toulouse, LAAS, Thales RT).

Contributors: Pierre Bieber, Frédéric Boniol, Youcef Bouchebaba, Julien Brunel, Kevin Delmas, Claire Pagetti, Olivier Poitou, Thomas Polacsek, Nathanaël Sensfelder

Contact: Claire Pagetti

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