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INRAE Centre for Vegetable Germplasm (CRB-Leg)

The INRAE Centre for Vegetable Germplasm (CRB-Leg) manages Genetic Resources of 5 seed vegetable species: Aubergine, Lettuce, Melon, Pepper and Tomato. These collections of wild and cultivated genotypes are a source of genetic and phenotypic diversity. The CRB-Leg facilitates the use of these resources by the scientific community and particularly by the researchers of the GAFL research unit, which the CRB-Leg is part of.


The CRB-Leg missions are to introduce, maintain, characterise and disseminate biological resources and associated data, and also to advise various users. This is made possible in part by the presence in the team of individuals who have expertise on each species, and secondly by the implementation of quality standards that ensure greater legal certainty and the safety of our collections.