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Welcome to the Sustainable Environment Group collection

The 'Sustainable Environment' research group focuses on the dissemination and impact of metals and emerging pollutants (nanomaterials, pharmaceutical compounds, etc.) on the chronic degradation of soil and water in relation to their use, as well as than on the valorization (agricultural recycling, critical metals, etc.) and the treatment of waste and wastewater. Whatever the system studied (soil, water, biota, materials), we share a common goal of a multi-scale systemic approach to understanding bio-physico-chemical processes and reaction mechanisms controlling the emission, transfer, accumulation, treatment and impact of contaminants and organic matter in our Environment.

Latest submissions in HAL !

[halshs-03694589] Solubilité des résidus de bauxite : approche de la bioaccessibilité gastrique


[hal-03685054] Le Priming Effect dans le sol : mécanismes, acteurs et conséquences sur les services écosystémiques dans un contexte de changement global


[hal-03677657] Potential of ligand-promoted dissolution at mild pH for the selective recovery of rare earth elements in bauxite residue





Catherine Beaussier
Tél. (+33) 4 95 04 41 43

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